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What is Asmoney?

What are the benefits of using Asmoney?

Where is Asmoeny legally registered?

What is e-currency?

What is cryptocurrency?

What is Bitcoin?

How Can I open an account with Asmoney?

Should I download a bitcoin-qt for using Asmoney?

Do I need to verify my identity to use asmoney?

How many accounts can I have?

What are the fees for transfer money?

Which currencies do you support?

Can I change money to other currencies? for example, change from EUR balance to USD?

Can I change my balance to crypto-currencies like BTC and LTC?

Is my money in Asmoney is safe?

what is cold storage?

I lost my password, what should I do?

I forget my Pincode, how can I recover it?

My account has been locked, What does it mean?

What is SMS authorization and how can I activate it?

Do you have an affiliate / partnership program?

Where is my referral link?

How Can I accept Asmoney payment on my website?

Can I accept Bitcoin or Litecoin or other cryptocoins if my customer was not a member of Asmoney?

How Can I send payments using API?

How Can I integrate my web application with Asmoney?

How long take deposit/withdrawal from/to Bitcoin and Litecoin?

How Can I deposit?

How Can I withdrawal my money?

Why can't I see my transaction in the blockchain?