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AsMoney is a trademark of AMN Technologies Ltd, a company incorporated under the laws of England and Wales with registration number 8801297.
These Terms of Use govern the opening, use and closure of your Asmoney Account and other related payment services as referred to herein. Together with our Privacy Policy, and any other terms and conditions referred to therein, they constitute the legal relationship between you and us. You are advised to print or download and keep a copy of these Terms of Use for future reference. You can always view the current Terms of Use on our Website. Using the online services provided within the Asmoney website, is subject to full compliance with this Terms of Services as outlined below. We expressly reserve the right to change these Terms of Use from time to time without notice to you. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review this site and these Terms of Use from time to time and to familiarize yourself with any modifications.


_ A person must declare to be at least 18 years old at the time of registering an account and AsMoney reserves the right to ask for official personal identification documents for this purpose.

_ Registering of multiple accounts is acceptable, but only one account is allowed for each e-mail address.

_ Your Asmoney Account is an electronic money account which enables you to send and receive electronic payments.

_ You have the right to withdraw funds from your Asmoney Account at any time. There is no minimum withdrawal amount but the funds on your Asmoney Account must be sufficient to cover any applicable withdrawal fee. You can choose the method of withdrawal when submitting your withdrawal request.

Personal Information

_ Asmoney Account holder is obligated to provide his/her real identity in order to use AsMoney payment system. This information is used only for verification purposes and will not be disclosed to 3rd parties.

_ Asmoney Account holder understands and accepts that some transactions within the system are performed by 3rd parties, such as certified exchangers, and AsMoney is not in full control of such activities.

_ Asmoney Account holder has a right to change his personal data

_ You must ensure that the information recorded on your Asmoney Account is always accurate and up to date and we shall not be liable for any loss arising out of your failure to do so. Please note that AsMoney reserves the right to send an account holder occasional emails containing information regarding new features, promotions and special events.

Account Safety

_ Account holders must ensure that their login credentials are kept safely and are not shared with third parties.

_ Account holder must take all reasonable steps to keep your AsMoney Account password safe at all times and never disclose it to anyone. Our personnel will never ask you to provide your password to us or to a third party. Any message you receive or website you visit that asks for your password, other than the Asmoney Website or a Asmoney payment gateway on a merchant website, should be reported to us. If you are in doubt whether a website is genuine, you should contact Customer Service

_ Asmoney Account holders must ensure the security of their account password, PIN code and the answer to their security question. money, to prevent spying from your account we ask 3 character of your PIN code when you login. also, to reach maximum safety AsMoney Account holders can active SMS authentication.

_ There is a 10 cents fee for each SMS message sent

_ If you active SMS authentication but you don't have enough balance on USD balance, AsMoney authenticate you via PIN Code.


_ Deposit or withdrawal from/to Bitcoin and Litecoin may take 1-2 hours to get confirmation in the network.

_ Asmoney does not hold the responsibility of payment to invalid Bitcoin address

_ If the e-mail address of the intended recipient is registered with us, the funds will be instantly credited to the Asmoney Account associated with that e-mail address.

_ Asmoney does not hold the responsibility for errors made by account holders inserting the recipient’s account identifier nor for wrong transfers, even if the instructions provided by a Merchant are incorrect.

_ Asmoney does not hold responsibility for any type of damage or loss caused by payments made to the wrong recipients, payments made for incorrect amounts, payments made by third parties through an account holders account, errors in merchant’s content, delays or data loss caused by telecommunications systems, government acts, fraud and malfeasance of the account holder.

_ Transactions, funding and withdrawals are subject to charges and fees. For more information and details regarding Asmoney fees .


System and Company will not be liable for loss of funds by Customer due to System malfunction, unauthorized access, theft, force majeure ,any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages that may incur in connection with actions or lack of thereof of 3rd parties such as AsMoney certified Partners.

Termination of Agreement

System Customer has a right to notify the administration of AsMoney of his desire to close the account at any time. In this case liquidation of account in System and removal of all personal data specified by the user at registration takes place after finishing of identification of applicant's personality and its check for compliance with the personality of the user that had registered this account.

System reserves a right to block the account for term or termless period at occurrence of some suspicions until ascertainment of circumstances.

Asmoney does not terminate accounts due to inactivity.